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Windscribe VPN Pro Subscriptions

Windscribe VPN Pro Subscriptions

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1) About the deal

Windscribe VPN Pro Subscriptions

  • Windscribe is much more than a VPN. It’s a desktop application and browser extension that work in conjunction to protect your online privacy, unblock websites, and remove ads and trackers from your everyday browsing.
  • With Windscribe, you’ll never mess with confusing settings and options menus again.
  • Apart from the easy-to-use interface, one of the biggest benefits of choosing Windscribe’s service is that it provides unlimited downloads and unlimited simultaneous connections.
  • It’s no surprise that Canadian-based company, Windscribe, is one of the most recommended VPNs on the market – check out the reviews below for yourself.
  • Access services on your computer or home network remotely while connected to Windscribe w/ port forwarding.
  • Load your own OpenVPN configurations directly in the Windscribe app.
  • Windscribe aims to develop easy to use yet powerful tools, that allow anyone to circumvent censorship, access geographically restricted content, and minimize their exposure to marketers, criminals, and surveillance dragnets.

2) How much can this deal save me?

Ordinarily, monthly saas subscription could run into 100's of dollars every year, but today a great deal available!. When you go to the deal from this page, you will be able to purchase the lifetime deal for a one time payment! That's right, you pay once, and get to use the product for as long as it exists. Exactly how much you will save is almost impossible for us to estimate precicely, but if you are paying regularly for another product that does the same, this may be just the right offer for you!

3) Where to get the deal?

4) I have a question about this deal, can you help me?

Sure, just click on the picture below to go to our friendly Facebook group and I am sure our collective mind can answer your question 🙂

5) How can I get notified of other lifetime deals?

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6) What is the definition of a lifetime deal?

Starting an online business can be a challenge to one due to factors such as very high competition in the market and lack of enough budgets to kick start your business. You can be having a good business model, but you fail to attract more customers due to the high costs required for your products. Lifetime deals are what can only save your business; a lifetime deal is a marketing strategy where online startup software companies offer a limited promotion to its first customers to get lifetime access to their services at a fixed price. Such promotion can be a month’s worth, meaning what you pay now can be what others will be paying monthly to get the same service. With such promotions, you can end up getting a lot of subscribers within a very short period of time especially if the promotion deal is advertised on influential platforms. The lifetime deal does not mean you will use the service as long as you live, but it simply means you will be able to get the service in future from the provider any time you need without having to pay any additional charges.

7) Why do some companies offer lifetime deals?

It is common for online startups to offer one-time-payment lifetime deals to access online software and/or tools. There are a variety of different reasons why companies opt to conduct this action, but there are three, in particular, that should be noted due toalways beingat the top of the list.

Top Three Reasons Why Online Startups Offer One-Time Payment, Lifetime Deals to Consumers

Surpass the Competition
Online startups are fully aware that in order to become thego-to solution on the market, they have to analyze the competition and then implement one or more strategies to beat it. In this day and age, one of theideal ways to surpass the competition is to offer a solution at a costthatsaves consumers more money in the long run than if they were to purchase it from a competitor on a month-to-month basis.

Entice Visitors
A one-time payment deal does not fail in enticing visitors about a solution to the point of successfully persuading themto giveit the 'green light.' This type of payment reflects that it is a bargain, which would cause numerous individuals to want to get their hands on it as soon as possible.

Establishment on Market
In order for any startup to be successful it has to become well-established on the market in its particular niche. To make their presence noticed by consumers, online startups have to ensure to provide an attention-grasping offer, such as a lifetime deal. Online Startups Want Their Respective Solutions to Reflect ‘A Deal Worthy of Consideration’ Every online startup wants to succeed in great measure for many years to come. The people behind them know that one of the top ways to achieve this is to offer their solutions as lifetime deals that reflect they are worthy of consideration.

8) How to do proper due Dilligence before buying lifetime software deals?

Before getting into any new start-up company’s lifetime software deals, we have some factors that you need to consider so as to make a sound investment decision for your money. Below are key factors to put into considerations.

Seek outside reviews
Before deciding to go into any lifetime deal, you should try to get reviews from those people who have already used the service. These people will be in a position to give you non-biased reviews that will enable you to make an informed decision.

Check the roadmap of the lifetime deal’s product
You should be very keen on this as some software companies initiate lifetime deals to fraud people. They just initiate the promotion, and after they have collected enough money, they disappear to start other business ventures. You should keenly look into their business model to find out about their long term goals and the ambitions

Find out if the lifetime deals are easy to integrate with other tools that are your favorite
Find out which tool integrations are available and which tools won’t be included even in future and those which the company has included in its roadmap. These are the main thing that you need to look at before subscribing to any lifetime deals promotions.

9) What are the 50 newest lifetime deals?

Here are the 50 newest deals:
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