Special Lifetime Deal Offer: 15% Off All Deals for the Vumiu Crowd

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Hi, it’s Bjarne from Vumiu here. Today I have a special deal for you!

The owner of ValuableDeals.com has kindly agreed to let me offer you a 15% off coupon for their already discounted deals!

Just purchase through one of the links below, and paste the coupon code below on checkout for a further 15% off the listed price.


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Hey there! I'm Bjarne, a full-time records manager by day, and creator of this website by night!

The main attraction here is the free to join Vumiu Lifetime Deals dashboard, where I scour the web for awesome software startups that are willing to give you lifetime access to their online saas tools for a small one-time payment. 

Since this site is essentially genious, I expect you to market it for me by sharing it with anyone you know. I spend my time updating the dashbord + creating free tools for you on this site that will blow your mind, and frankly is stuff others would sell, but that I am giving you free access to in an evil ploy to make you think I am awesome.

Oh, and feel free to check out the awesome Facebook group, and chat with our currently 200+ group members.